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Jean Claude

Five Rivers Fostering Foster Child

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Five Rivers Fostering directors, management, and staff for my placement in Donegal.When I arrived in Ireland 3 years ago I was frightened. Five Rivers Fostering gave me the opportunity at a new life for myself and my new home for the next few years was in Donegal, which are 3 years I will cherish. Over the course of the 3 years I matured greatly and developed self confidence which I did not have before. I was welcomed with open arms.

I enjoyed school in the Abbey Vocational School and was encouraged in my education at all times by my foster carers.


Five Rivers Fostering Foster Child

Amy has helped me so much since first meeting her in November 2016. She has been nothing but supportive. She has helped me with my leaving certificate exams and college course enrolment ensuring the right supports were put in place for me.

Amy has also been a great friend and I have felt comfortable with her since the beginning. Anytime that we meet she always makes sure that I know what I am entitled to in regards support and that I feel supported enough. We have filled out many forms/applications, gone to many meetings and overall working with Amy has been more than a pleasure.


Young Member of a Fostering Family

I’ve really enjoyed the last 7 years of fostering. The experience has been really enjoyable but it can have challenges along the way. But the majority of it has been great it has really opened my eyes on different aspects on peoples life’s and how great it is to support the foster kids. Due to fostering I chose to study community youth and development in college to help troubled kids that need help.

M.S & L.S

Two Sisters From a Foster Family

Since my family started fostering with Five Rivers Fostering 2 & 1/2 years ago, it has become a very big, but normal part of my everyday life. I feel good that my family foster because it makes me feel like a better person helping others less fortunate than us, it has also brought me closer to my family. Since we started fostering, we have had lots of children from different backgrounds come to stay with us, some have stayed with us for a short time, others for longer and some children come to stay with us regularly on respite.


Five Rivers Fostering Carer

We joined Five Rivers Fostering approximately 2½ years ago after long consultations with them regarding our suitability and viability. We initially entered into the ‘emergency…


Five Rivers Fostering Carer

I found the assessment very thorough but my assessing social worker told me it would be! I found that a lot of questions were asked and at the time I did not know why…


Five Rivers Fostering Carer

I’ve been a foster carer with Five Rivers Fostering for five years. During this time we’ve had many children stay with us, both long and short term. It’s hard to describe the feeling…

D & S.P

Five Rivers Fostering Carer

When we first started our journey with Five Rivers Fostering, little did we know the wonderful family we were about to gain, with all the fun and acceptance which that entails…


Five Rivers Fostering Carer

Bringing children in to your home, helping them and seeing them change in front of your eyes is so rewarding! Knowing that what you do is helping the children and their families…


Five Rivers Fostering Carer

Our initial assessment and training took place over a six month period and involved regular meetings with our link social worker from Five Rivers Fostering…