Five Rivers Multi-disciplinary service is a dedicated specialist service designed to intervene early when children are brought into care to offer multi-disciplinary and single discipline assessment and to provide a suite of interventions which target particular developmental, emotional, cognitive and relational challenges which this population of children and their family and carers face.


You may wish to contact the service to establish if referral for assessment or intervention is appropriate for a young person and/or their foster family or to discuss other elements of the service. Our team members operate a duty system to address enquiries and can be contacted on 01 8665290/1 to arrange a time to discuss concerns about a child/family.

Our Team


Consultations may be offered to professionals in the Child & Family Agency or other agencies as needed, to foster carers and to residential facilities. Consultation aims to provide a multi-disciplinary or psychological perspective on a child or young person in terms of understanding their presentation and behaviours.

Consultation to agencies/professionals will involve all relevant parties in the child’s network and may include the allocated Social Worker and Link Worker, Guardian ad Litem, residential staff, the child therapist and school staff.  Consultations of this sort take two primary forms:

1.    Emotional health consultation
2.    Therapeutic needs consultation

Consultation to foster carers may be on a once off basis or may be in a two-plus-one format with two appointments close together with a review follow up at one to two months. The consultation may focus on specific issues or concerns or generally understanding the child’s current behaviour and way of relating based on their past experiences and offering guidance and coaching on reflective engagement and managing challenges. Disciplines will be allocated depending on need and the nature of concerns.


Assessment Services

Full Multi-disciplinary Assessment will consider the following:

Following assessment, a comprehensive multi-disciplinary report is produced providing multi-disciplinary formulation and making recommendations for therapeutic intervention or in relation to other aspects of the child’s support network.

Single Discipline Assessment

Referrals will be considered for single discipline assessments along the following lines:

Psychological Assessment looks at the intellectual, social and emotional aspects of children’s development including children’s mental health, relationships and attachment. Psychological Assessment may also screen for specific concerns, e.g., developmental or emotional disorders which may benefit from additional support. The goal of Psychological Assessment is to provide a clear understanding of children’s behaviour and to make recommendations about their needs in a holistic way.

Occupational Therapy Assessment identifies ways in which the child’s cognitive/ sensory/ social or emotional development affects their daily living skills. Many looked-after children experience difficulties in behaviour, self-regulation and relationships which can arise from adversity. Occupational Therapy Assessment may screen for specific concerns, e.g., sensory or motor difficulties and make recommendations about any additional support or therapy. The goal of Occupational Therapy Assessment is to enhance children’s participation and independence in their daily activities.

Speech and Language Assessment looks at how children use words and language to express their ideas and communicate their needs as well as their ability to understand what others say. Speech and language assessment can identify if additional support is required for children’s communication skills in areas such as expressive or receptive language development, speech sound development and how children use language to interact with others in social situations.

Therapy Services

Our therapy service is informed by:

If a comprehensive assessment of the child’s current functioning and needs has been conducted, the therapy team may proceed and implement the recommendations made in that assessment.  If not, the multi-disciplinary team will conduct an assessment of therapeutic need in the first instance with carers and the child or young person spanning two to three sessions, to tailor an approach suitable for that particular child or young person and their caring environment.

Specialised Interventions


Audrey Sheridan - Principal Clinical Psychologist/Clinical lead

Multi-disciplinary Assessment & Therapy Team


Telephone: 018665290

Full service primarily available in Dublin mid Leinster with potential to offer consultations in other regions.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss further.