Emergency Foster Care

Five Rivers Fostering provides an Emergency Place of Safety (EPS) for children/young people taken into care, by the Gardai, outside of regular office hours (after 5p.m weekdays and any time at weekends). We have a number of families on call each night who will care for these children/young people when needed. These placements usually last from 24-72 hours and the children/young people range in age from babies to teenagers.

We also have a number of children/young people who will be referred on an emergency basis during office hours who urgently need a foster placement.

Respite Care

Children/young people can be placed with foster families for a set period of time (a few days to a few weeks) as a planned respite break from their birth family or from another foster family. This can be a one-off respite or a regular occurrence.

Short Term Foster Care

Most children referred into fostering are referred on a short-term basis. Children/young people are placed with foster families for a short period time while their needs are assessed or until they return home to their birth family. Short term placements can range from a few days to a few months.

Long Term Foster Care

Often times children/young people need to remain in care for a longer period of time (in excess of one year). Many of these placements begin as short term placements. Children/young people placed in long term foster care will need a foster family until they are at least 18 years old.

Sibling Groups

As much as possible we aim to place siblings together in one foster family. If this is not possible we place them with foster families who live in close proximity to one another.

Parent and Child Placements

Some families care for young mothers (under 18 years) and their babies. Their main role is to support the young person and help them develop the skills they need to care for themselves and their baby.

Enhanced Foster Care

Some children/young people have exceptionally high needs and require a very specialised placement. Families who care for these children/young people will receive enhanced supports above and beyond our generous support package offered to all carers.