Five Rivers Education Initiative Programme

Five Rivers Fostering Education Initiative Programme aims to support educational progression and achievement for all children and young people in its care.

The Education Initiative develops tailored interventions for each child and young person. However, how these interventions are provided and what is entailed varies greatly and depends on each individual child and young person’s specific learning needs. These education interventions are framed in a holistic manner holding individual strengths in high regard and difficulties as areas to be supported and overcome. Overtime, every child, and young person in care will need education support to some degree, with some needing more extensive support than others.

Below is an outline of some such educational interventions that have been delivered

Facilitation of Transition Programmes: supporting a positive transition from preschool to primary and from primary to post primary education

Linking with Access Officers in third level educational centres to support educational progression post Leaving Certificate/Leaving Certificate Applied

Delivering individual study skills and exam preparation programmes for students in the Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate and Leaving Cert Applied programmes

Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate and Leaving Cert Applied programmes

Providing support and guidance with third level education applications (DARE, HEAR, CAO, SUSI etc.

Facilitation of Career Investigation Programme with students in Senior Cycle

Preparation for Post Leaving Certificate Course Interviews

Co-ordinating the provision of Education Psychological Assessment where necessary and appropriate

Evaluating previous assessment reports and tracking response to interventions

Collaborating with Schools for provisions under RACE for state exams

Advocating on behalf of the child or young person’s educational needs to relevant professionals

Promoting the use of executive functioning strategies to overcome academic challenges

Tailored support with literacy and numeracy or other subject specific content

Networking with schools and school personnel in the provision of positive school placements for the child or young person

Providing behavioural, social, and emotional supports i.e ‘Keeping Cool’ Strategies for managing anger at school, ’Steps to better behaviour’ etc.

Developing and facilitating programmes to increase children and young people’s self-esteem within educational settings

Providing educational workshops for children and young people, their carers, teachers, and other professionals

Co-ordinating the provision of Educational Volunteers to work in a one-to-one capacity

Developing and reviewing individual education plans (IEPs)

Facilitating and coordinating emotional resilience programmes with the child or young person within school settings i.e FRIENDS programme

Childs Drawing Childs Drawing

In the provision of the above interventions, the Education Initiative supports each child and young person to become intrinsically motivated to achieve their educational aspirations. In doing so, it promotes the educational achievement of children and young people to develop in line with their peers.

Become an Education Volunteer with Five Rivers Fostering

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Children and young people in foster care can sometimes struggle with education and school. At Five Rivers Fostering, we are committed to ensuring that children and young people are given every opportunity to realise their full potential with regard to education.

Education is a crucial aspect in the lives of all children and should be viewed as a positive period coinciding with significant developmental periods which influence the formative years. Education and school is a time and place to enhance the intellectual, social, emotional, and behavioural development of children and young people.  For children and young people living in foster care, education is often disrupted rendering specific areas of development compromised and in need of support. Children and young people in foster care often have additional needs and require greater support throughout their development.

Understanding and supporting the needs of these children and young people can be life changing. Self-belief and self-worth are critical factors for successful development, positive school participation and life outcomes. Through support and understanding, these children and young people can greatly improve their expectations and potential.

In light of this, we have an Education Initiative Programme within the organisation. The support that education volunteers provide is child-centred and informed by the needs of the child. The Education Volunteer work takes place typically once a week for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the age of the child or young person. Each volunteer will be required to work with a child or young person for a block of ten weeks. All Education Volunteers are Garda Vetted, given Child Protection Training, and must provide names of two referees. Five Rivers Fostering will compensate for travel costs incurred because of this work. Education volunteers are welcome to attend any of the regular training workshops which we facilitate throughout the year.

Education Volunteers can have a significant impact on the outcomes of children and young people in our care. Supports provided by education volunteers can greatly shape the learning of a child or young person through subject specific support and general educational support.

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If you are interested in becoming an Education Volunteer within Five Rivers Fostering, or require any additional information, please fill out the application form below.

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