C.C & R.C

C.C & R.C

A Foster Family Tells Their Story

I am 12 years old, I love hurling and soccer. When my mom and dad first told me about fostering, Was very excited but also very nervous but all my questions were answered from five rivers and my parents.

Since we started fostering we have had many children come and go through the emergency placement service and we also have a child who has been with us for the last year.

I have made many great friends through fostering, learnt so much and has made me realize how lucky I am to be in a safe and loving home and to be able to help these kids who are not as fortunate as me.

The first few months are a hard settling in time for the child and for us but a year later it’s like having another sibling to play or argue with.

We have great family fun days out with five rivers which I really enjoy as I have made lots of friends through this. My overall experience on fostering is I am so glad my parents decided to become a foster family as I really enjoy it.


I am 9 years old, I love football and camogie.

When I was first told about fostering, no matter how many talks our family had, I still was so nervous before our first foster child came, but now I am so excited every time someone arrives as I have someone to play with. We have had several kids who may only stay a night or two through the emergency and can be sad saying goodbye but I know I have helped in some way as I know I have an important role.

Also having a full time foster child mom and dad are busier now but always make time for us and it’s like having another sibling in the house.

I am so glad my parents decided to foster with five rivers as they have lots of fun days and we get taken out by our link worker for treats.